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center of intrigue
and corruption

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Stock up for Purim

Purim costumes with matching themed mishloach manos containers. Vendors selling gourmet custom delights. Delicious goodies. Fabulous gifts.
It's all here in the Royal Market of Shushan.

Purim mishloach manot baskets and costumes

breaking news!

King Achashverosh seeks to obliterate the awful memories
of former Queen Vashti by choosing a new bride. 

See the bride portal for more information on how to apply.

Every entry entitles you to a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift card!
Most creative submission will receive a $75 gift card as well.
bride portal

what can we help you with?

the king

No, not that king. The King of all Kings.
Get a 30 Days of Gratitude PDF, courtesy of the Royal Palace.

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submit nefarious
plot suspicions

If you are aware of any plots by vile individuals who do not appreciate the great contributions of King Achashverosh and his Council of Corruption, contact us immediately. (Generous rewards provided!)

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request permission
to slaughter a bad מדה.

As the Center of Intrigue and Corruption, there is no better place than Shushan to pull off successful homicide and genocide plans. Click here to request a pass to slay your worst traits, so you can be rid of them forever this Purim.

Murder a Midah

donate to המלך's
personal coffers

At the personal request of a certain Shushan resident named Mordechai, all citizens are encouraged to donate to The King's coffers by contributing to a meaningful cause.
Though it doesn't fit the spirit of Shushan, it's exactly the spirit of Purim!
כל הפושט יד נותנים לו

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Council of Corruption

King Achashverosh
King Achashverosh
Supreme Leader of Corruption

The royal king sits at the head of the largest empire in the world, all while spending his days immersed in wild partying and completely ignoring the needs of his constituents.

Haman the Rasha
Minister of Evil

Viewed by himself as the wisest of all men, Haman applies all his wit to concoct conniving schemes that catapult him to greatness at the expense of everyone around him.

Ten Sons of Haman
Ten Sons of Haman
Assistants of Evil

Like loyal puppets on strings, Haman’s sons fulfill every whim and desire of their father, hoping to bask in his reflected glory (and afraid of fatal consequences should they disobey.)

Zeresh, Wife of Haman
Acrimony Advisor

Winner of the “Worst Wife of the Year” Award, Zeresh alternates between providing Haman with very risky ideas and hacking away at his ego relentlessly.

We're hiring!

Open positions

Happy Citizens

I am proud to call myself a member of the greatest empire in the world, the Persian empire! Of course, I have a very happy life. This testimonial is entirely voluntary.

Bijan, son of Alborz

Since I was a little girl, I always loved the Persian Empire. And since King Achashverosh took over, I understand what a majestic empire it once was. Please do not read too deeply into my statement.

Azar Istakharni

These tears streaming down my face are tears of happiness! I am so grateful that the very last of my crop will be used at the royal party, leaving my family with nothing to eat. We are honored to be so unceremoniously used to provide extravagance for the king.

Parviz Kermani

There is no greater wisdom than that which is rained down upon us daily from the Royal Palace. Each morning, I anticipate the deep, profound things I will be able to pontificate upon all day.

Simin, daughter of Tadaaki


City of Shushan Warehouse

travel & shipping information

The Department of Commerce forbids the import and export of commodities without explicit written permission from a department official. This is vital in ensuring an constant flow of taxes to the city’s coffers, as each item imported or exported is subject to a tax. Anyone caught violating this injunction will have their items permanently confiscated. 

Bandit at Work

public road incidents
and warnings

ALERT: Group of vicious bandits has been attacking travelers on the roads leaving Kush. Be advised not to undertake any unnecessary travel until the culprits have been apprehended. If travel cannot be delayed, ensure that there are guards and warriors in your traveling group.

Annual repairs are underway in the streets around the royal palace. Only those on official business will be allowed in.