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Shushan, the capital of Persia and Media, highlights the proudest characteristics of the grandest empire in all history.

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self obsession

Departmental Updates

Formation of The Society
for the Protection
of Recalcitrant Queens 
Initiated by His Royal Majesty in the aftermath of Queen Vashti’s tragic end, this society will come up with laws and innovative ideas to ensure future queens are protected from spur-of-the-moment murder decisions.
No longer accepting applications
Welcome the New Guards 
The Royal Palace is pleased to announce the appointment of two new royal threshold guards, Bigsan and Seresh.
537th Reshuffling of Royal Advisors 
Thanks to his fantastic job of ingratiating himself with the king, the charismatic Haman ben Hamdasah has been promoted to top advisor and minister in the Royal Court.
NEW! Department of
Wine Development
After 180 days of partying, the king and royal court have grown bored of the current selection of wines curated from around the world. Therefore, the king has issued a decree to form a department for the development of rich new wines. All expert vintners are encouraged to apply.
No longer accepting applications
This vast empire, comprised of 127 provinces, is ruled with great success by the wise leader, His Majesty King Achashverosh. Come see it for yourself!

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